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There is a place that turns big ideas into businesses. A place that is a golf course, a marketplace, and a boardroom table all at once, connecting young companies to unparalleled market access in South Africa’s tech industry.

That place is SpliceWorks. Launched by BCX, part of the Telkom Group, SpliceWorks is an online business enablement platform designed to connect South African techpreneurs with the business partners that will transform industry. 

SpliceWorks wants to find the latest and greatest digital technology in order to change the face of digital tech in South Africa and ultimately, grow its tech market into a global force.

“SpliceWorks is more than a traditional incubator,” said Floris Buys, CEO and “Chief Cheerleader” for SpliceWorks. “Our aim is to connect amazing innovations from tech entrepreneurs to the opportunities and partnerships that can scale them to transform the future.”

So, if you have a tech solution, for any industry, here’s your opportunity to sell that solution to Telkom, BCX and its vast partner and customer network, helping you to commercialise your business at speed. 

“Think of us as a match-making service between tech entrepreneurs and big business,” continued Buys. “We match your tech solution to market opportunities and vice versa. We’ll even get an army of business development partners around your tech innovation, and have it ready to make money in no time.”

“At BCX, we pride ourselves on being future focused,” said Ian Russell, CEO of BCX. “Over the past few years, we’ve seen start-ups all over the world introduce products and services that have completely disrupted industry. With SpliceWorks, BCX and its partners have the ability to support and scale innovative products or services that have the potential to transform the economy and grow South Africa into a world technology leader.”

To become part of the SpliceWorks ecosystem, start by accessing the online platform and completing a personal, business and solution profile. This will determine where your business fits into the 5-stage certification process. As businesses progress through each stage, they unlock complimentary valuable business development assistance and expertise through our network partners.

Along the way SpliceWorks will introduce businesses to potential clients. Once a business is SpliceWorks certified, the platform will open some big doors for future growth.

Currently the platform is a by-invitation only, closed beta. However, there are lead forms on the platform for entrepreneurs, prospective partners and customers to leave their details. SpliceWorks will then either invite them to be part of the closed beta, or let them know as soon as the platform is officially launched.

So, if you’re a game-changer, rule breaker, or change agent, come to a place that wants you to become a global force. Come to SpliceWorks.



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