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BluWave Software was started some 24 years ago and evolving into the company it is today has taken dedication and staying power. From starting out with a simple DOS product, it has grown into a leading developer with a new generation cloudbased customer relationship management (CRM) solution – BluWave CRM.

Development began in 2009 and Bluwave CRM was launched in 2011. “Essentially, the product is a cloud-based version of our sales automation and CRM system,” says operations director Tania Cooke-Tonnesen. “We have focussed mainly on the sales side of the CRM product in the cloud, which is the first component of the system. There are a number of functions which allow you to develop quotes, chase new business, look after existing clients, and create mailing lists to name but a few. We are regularly adding new features to

BluWave CRM and the product will continually evolve and, by the end of the year, there will be an after-sales service component.”

The best addition to the system must be the workflow component. This, according to Cooke-Tonnesen, is the automation of repetitive processes. “When I talk about processautomation this could mean triggering activities, emails, or customer replies automatically. This can be instant, or timed to coincide with specific events. You could set up a mail to trigger to your mailing list on a weekly basis which will form the basis of a marketing campaign.”

The catchword in the IT industry today is the cloud. But this trend is merely the latest fashion or are there tangible, realworld benefits to be realised by both suppliers and customers alike? Cooke-Tonnesen, notes that it has made an incredible difference to software companies in general and has changed the way products are implemented.

“Products are cheaper to execute and run. All those costs associated with installing on desktops and keeping it running has fallen away. It basically removes costs and complexity from the implementation. For the user, the change has been immense. We have always had difficulty getting the sales people to use the sales automation tool but they now see the benefits associated with using the product to its full potential. This has not always been the case as, asking representatives to use a CRM tool; it became an extra job they had to do when they got back to the office. Being on the road all day meant they did not have access to the system and had to consolidate all the information at the end of the day or week. Coupled to that, it had no on-the-road value as you could not access the data while visiting customers. Today, however, with a tablet device you carry your CRM system with you. You can show the client information, update progress on the fly, do quotes, etc. You can set up an automated trigger that will send the client a quote, automatically attach brochures specific to the client, and include an order form. The move to the cloud has made things infinitely easier for everyone concerned.”

BluWave has positioned the system with ease of use and competitive pricing at the forefront. “Being a local product we are there to literally switch your system on. We will then ensure that your staff knows exactly how to use it and derive the best benefit from all the different features. Best of all, this is not going to break your budget and we are squarely aimed at the SMME market. We can have you up and running in less than a month.”

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