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Choosing a hosting service for your business can be tricky. Your business being online to begin with is daunting. Trying to protect all your data and ensure that your business, brand and information is protected at all times is a task for professionals. Not you, alone. So, when looking to the professionals you need to make sure you choose a hosting service provider that can attend to all of your needs.

Different sizes and different capabilities mean you need to do your homework to find the best

As with most service providers, in just about any industry, there are different sizes who offer different levels of capabilities. If you’re looking for enterprise grade service and systems then a bigger hosting service provider is far better placed to offer you what you need. There are a couple of key areas of focus that, as a business owner, you should always enquire about. Specifically, is their operation productive and compliant? Are they able to integrate with all your systems and minimise disruption for end users?

Security is the number one factor

Ultimately, it’s complete security you’re after. But do they offer a holistic approach to security? Does the service provider you’re considering offer an approach that crosses all applications, infrastructure and processes? What’s more, the security settings you need are not just protecting you from attacks but also maintaining control over your presence and all content that is accessible on your site.  One of the most important things that all hosting service providers offer is a SSL Certificate – this is not only a factor of security but also affects your Google ranking. Google specifically ranks sites with SSL Certificates higher because of the secure connections they offer your website. This is the only way that Google (and everyone else) believes that the internet is a more secure place.

They must have your business’s best interests at heart

So when looking to for a hosting service provider look to a large and established company who can understand your business requirements, who’s scaled to your business and its future growth, who offers you 24/7 support and proactive monitoring.



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