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At last week’s Fujitsu Forum 2013, Fujitsu introduces a major step forwards for businesses trying to tackle ever-increasing data volumes. The new generation of Fujitsu’s hugely-successful ETERNUS CS8000 provides complete consolidation for all unified data backup and archiving needs. Online (disk-based) backup capacities is extended to 15 Petabytes, coupled with almost limitless near-line (tape-based) capacity.

Available to order from December 2013, enhancements to the new generation underline the Fujitsu ETERNUS CS8000’s position as the most versatile backup and archiving solution on the market: a failsafe solution that delivers more business-centric storage than ever before.

Due to full virtualization of all disk and tape systems, both for mainframes and open systems, ETERNUS CS8000 offers unmatched flexibility in balancing the four fundamental pillars of data protection: speed, capacity, availability levels and cost. With ETERNUS CS8000, IT managers can ensure they are always able to provide end-users with the right service levels for data backup and archiving, and optimize costs.

Live data from production servers and mainframes is held on a highly scalable disk cache within the ETERNUS CS8000, and data can remain in the disk cache to provide near-instant data recovery. Alternatively, data can be moved to tape, or for additional flexibility, and can be held both on disk and tape.

Powerful deduplication technology is now integrated into the ETERNUS CS8000 internal disk cache, making it suitable as a highly-efficient final backup target. New deduplication capabilities reduce disk space requirements by a factor of between 10 and 50 times. Fujitsu is also offering deduplication as a upgrade to customers of the previous-generation system, known as the ETERNUS CS High End.

Unique to the market, the ETERNUS CS8000 is capable of executing the compute-intensive deduplication process in parallel on several server nodes of its internal modular grid architecture, ensuring that even data sets running into double-digit petabytes do not create performance problems on backup and restore operations. In directly addressing the multi-tenancy needs of service providers, ETERNUS CS8000 can independently operate up to 10 entirely separate deduplication storage pools.

Underlining its abilities in consolidating backup and archiving infrastructures even in very large datacenters, the ETERNUS CS8000 scales to industry-leading capacities: more than 15PB of data before compression or duplication, which is also a 300 percent improvement on the previous model. Maximum data throughput now reaches 150TB/hour, a 50 percent increase, meaning greater protection for environments with extreme data growth without performance restraints.

Large scale file store with disaster resiliency

The Network Attached Storage (NAS) functionality of ETERNUS CS8000, supporting up to 2,000,000,000 files, provides a huge consolidation platform for archiving data and as second-tier NAS storage for inactive file data. Integrated synchronous data mirroring enables businesses to run such a large-scale consolidation platform without risk. Newly-enhanced asynchronous replication functionality provides disaster resiliency, even over extreme long distance, such as between Europe and South America.



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