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In this modern era, we have independent content creators and filmmakers who use smartphones to capture and record anything from podcasts, reels, educational content, to live events. The smartphone is quickly becoming a significant part of our professional and personal lives, storing not only contacts and emails but a multitude of creative images, videos, soundbites and more.

Whether you are creating content for fun and entertainment, using platforms like TikTok, or you’re a blogger/flogger, using Instagram and LinkedIn to showcase your talent, you can ensure that your multimedia files are safe and secure. As important as the creative and development process is to you, so should your storage. Why not leverage your smartphone cloud app? It has plenty of capacity to hold large files, can be synced and guarantees that your files are kept for as long as you need.


We all have a treasure of digital memories stored on our mobile devices, from family photographs and videos to important documents and sensitive information. Have you ever given any thought to what will happen if your device is lost or stolen? If you do not have any backups in place, then all that content is lost forever. This is where HUAWEI Mobile Cloud comes in handy, here are a few features that you can utilise for your content storage.

First off, when you register for a HUAWEI ID and enable Cloud, you automatically get 5GB of storage space for free. You can easily manage all your content from any device when you log in to HUAWEI Mobile Cloud provides you with a secure location to store the things that matter to you, accessible from all your devices. If 5GB is not adequate, there are affordable monthly subscriptions for additional storage starting at R14.99 for 50GB and increasing up to R149.99 for a mammoth 2TB of cloud storage.

One of the features you will love about HUAWEI Mobile Cloud is how effortless data backup takes place. You can schedule automatic cloud backups for all data on your phone. This includes your photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, and even certain third-party apps. If you lose your phone or get an upgrade, you can effortlessly transfer all your backups with one touch of a button.

Another cool feature is the HUAWEI Gallery sync. With this in place, you can save all your images and videos to the cloud. If you edit an image on one device, it will automatically synchronise the changes across all your connected devices. With this in place, managing your photos and videos is as easy as 1-2-3.

If you lose your device, HUAWEI Mobile Cloud features a funky ‘Find Device’ feature. With this feature, you can view your device’s location which makes a sound for you to find it. You can also activate lost mode or wipe its data, so your precious data never falls into the wrong hands.

Huawei takes security and privacy very seriously. There are nine layers of security in place to keep your cloud data secure. What this means in layman’s terms is that none of your data can be accessed by anyone else except you.

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud also features HUAWEI Drive built in. This provides an explorer-type window for you to easily save any of your device’s files and apps to the cloud. It is drag-and-drop easy that everybody can do it.

During July 2022, HUAWEI Mobile Cloud will be running a Limited Winter offer of a whopping 20% discount on the 200GB storage until 21 August 2022. That’s 200GB storage for only R35.99, so head on over to HUAWEI Mobile Cloud today and register for your free HUAWEI ID to keep your digital creations safe.



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