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In the modern era of cloud and third platform technologies, microservices are fast becoming the de facto development method to ensure applications that are robust, highly scalable and easy to pivot for any challenge.

Whereas traditional monolithic applications are layered and hard to separate, microservices are independent components to a larger whole, fulfilling individual tasks. Developers are able to make changes without causing larger cascading issues across the application stack. Through microservices it is easy to test and deploy more features, spin up multiple instances as demand grows and handle errors without halting the entire environment.

Warewolf V1 brings application development to this world of ease and flexibility. Instead of depending on cumbersome text coding, it offers an environment where visual drag and drop tools are used to arrange the functions of a microservice. Developers of various degrees of technical ability, even IT novices, are able to build and test their vision in an environment that is easily controlled and conveniently deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

“Microservices are a true revolution in both development and how applications operate,” said Barney Buchan, CEO of Dev2, the company contracted to develop for Warewolf. “But development packages aren’t coming to the party with similar mind sets. Through Warewolf, the aim is to bring the ease and logic of the microservice world to any company’s development environment.”

Microservices are all about rapid development, as well as easy integration, even around existing and legacy application infrastructure. Warewolf places a particular emphasis on this, including the automatic deployment of APIs – essentially instructions that allow different software services to interact with each other -   for local and web application integration. Focus is also placed on easily introducing third party services SQL or Oracle through Warewolf's visual development tools. The solution's ability to help develop, discover and exploit APIs from the enterprise backend is gaining it considerable praise.

“Warewolf’s usage of APIs.json is exactly what we had envisioned when it comes to providing API discover solutions, for APIs that originate within the enterprise,” said Kin Lane, the world-acclaimed API Evangelist. “In this scenario, APIs.json is acting as a portable, machine readable, JSON definition of what APIs can be found between a company's services and more complicated architecture."

Developed with the best both proprietary and open source development has to offer, Warewolf is secure, robust, enterprise-grade and ideal for DevOps (development and operations) environments. Warewolf is on-premise and cloud ready. It also features on the Microsoft Azure marketplace. Companies eager to test how Warewolf can change their development environment can try a risk-free 30 day trial.

Don't let your application and microservice investments stall due to an outdated development platform. Try Warewolf to experience visual, flow-based microservice software creation where seeing is believing.



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