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With the Avid ISIS | 1000 shared storage, Jasco brings small production teams the same collaborative power proven on blockbuster films and prime time television —  at a price they can afford

The Jasco Group has recently announced Avid’s ISIS | 1000  shared storage system to the local market, providing independent video and audio professionals and facilities the same level of real-time collaboration proven for over a decade on the most demanding productions in the industry. Powered by the Avid MediaCentralTM Platform, ISIS | 1000 integrates seamlessly with Avid Media Composer, Pro Tools, and third-party tools including Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Apple's Final Cut Pro (FCP), so creative professionals can take on even the most complex projects.

“More than 3,000 of the world’s top broadcast and post-production facilities rely on Avid’s shared storage solutions,” says Chris Gahagan, senior vice president of Products and Technology, Avid. “To help more independent professionals and boutique post-production facilities participate in the Avid Everywhere ecosystem, we are now delivering the performance, reliability, and scalability of our proven storage suite in a more affordable, easy-to-use system that speeds up editorial efficiency while protecting content creators’ valuable media assets.”

Paul Divall, Managing Director for Broadcast Solutions at the Jasco Group says, “With the ISIS | 1000 shared storage system, customers are able to get the proven performance, reliability, and scalability of ISIS in a more affordable, easy-to-use system that’s designed to speed up editorial efficiency, while protecting their assets. Unlike inexpensive storage drives that can only be used with one workstation at a time, ISIS | 1000 puts the “flow” back into workflow, enabling up to 24 contributors to access and share the same assets simultaneously, greatly accelerating production.”

ISIS | 1000 offers real-time editorial collaboration with performance that accelerates media workflows for independent professionals, smaller audio and video production facilities, houses of worship, government, corporations, and educational media organisations. The advanced Avid ISIS file management system enables professionals to work the way they want, with both Avid and third-party systems, and attain the trusted data protection, flexibility, and scalability only Avid can deliver.

Key features and benefits include:

Greater integration:

  • Integration with third-party systems — As a component of the Avid MediaCentral Platform, ISIS | 1000 is designed to be used with both Avid and     third-party tools, including Adobe Premiere Pro CC. ISIS | 1000 also integrates with third-party asset management software and works with inexpensive network switches.
  • Enhanced integration with Avid solutions — When used with Avid solutions like Media Composer and Pro Tools, ISIS | 1000 delivers time-saving workflows, enhanced performance, and greater efficiency.

Unrivalled operation:

  • Industry-proven reliability — Unlike competitive solutions, ISIS | 1000 uses advanced, self-balancing intelligent storage, backed by comprehensive reliability and workflow testing.
  • Unparalleled performance — Through patented technology, ISIS | 1000 ensures client media due times, delivering incomparable, predictable performance and more media streams per ISIS Storage Engine in even the most editing-intensive environments.
  • Easy setup and management—Offers streamlined usability, making it possible for non-technical professionals to set up, use, and manage the system.
  • Support for HD and high-res files—With support for real-time SD, HD, 2K, and 4K media performance, ISIS | 1000 is the ideal core for modern yet budget-minded media production workflows.

Exceptional collaboration and protection:

  • Real-time collaboration — ISIS | 1000 puts an end to the storage sharing and media copying shuffle of using individual USB, FireWire, eSATA, and Thunderbolt drives, allowing up to 24 editors, assistants, loggers, and other contributors to access media at the same time.
  • Advanced storage protection — With high-quality hardware and patented data protection technology, ISIS | 1000 safeguards media in the event that one or even two drives go down. The file protection system provides media-aware capabilities that rebuilds actual stored assets instead of the entire disk capacity, speeding up repair times.
  • Simple expandability — Starting at 20TB, ISIS | 1000 can be expanded to 80TB delivering 36 to 144 streams of 50Mbit/sec media.   


Avid ISIS | 1000 can be ordered immediately through Jasco, and will be available for delivery in Q3 2015.



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