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Panda Mobile Security for Android includes a new feature designed to prevent loss and theft of mobile devices. The solution's Motion Alert system sounds an alarm if a person picks up the user's smartphone or tablet without authorisation. Once triggered, the feature displays a countdown and when the countdown times out, a loud alarm is activated even if the device is muted. To stop the alarm the user must enter the device's PIN or unlock pattern. Users can configure the Motion Alert feature by setting the countdown duration or adjusting the sensor's sensitivity.

“We are fully committed to improving customer security and user experience. The new version of Panda Mobile Security, available from the Google Play Store, includes new features to protect users against external threats so that they can enjoy their devices with complete peace of mind,” explains Country Manager, Jeremy Matthews.

Another key feature included in the new release is the use of geolocation to protect users and ensure the security of their devices. The Anti-Theft protection takes a photo of anybody trying to unlock the user's device with the wrong code and emails it together with the device's location. Additionally, it allows the user to remote lock or wipe the device in the event of loss or theft.

Privacy Auditor indicates which apps can access personal data, contact lists and files and allows users to uninstall them. Regardless of the security solution installed on their devices, users must always read the list of permissions requested by apps before installing them. If an app requires permissions to access the users’ location when there is no need for it, it should be downloaded with care.

Additionally, this version provides improved usability with a streamlined user interface, that matches the company’s new identity introduced in January and is available in 16 languages.



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