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Mac OS X Snow Leopard For Dummies


This Dummies title is ideal for the many Apple fans out there who are upgrading to Mac OS X, or the first-time Apple buyers who want to get to grips with this pre-loaded OS on their new “piece of art”.

It tackles all the basics, including touring the Finder and its Desktop, customisation, using widgets, getting to know the Dock, and countless more features.


Linux For Dummies 9th Edition


There are many groups and varsity clubs in South Africa that are enlightening PC users about the advantages of switching to Linux.

Linux for Dummies is an excellent reference for the converted, providing guidance on many topics concerning the latest versions of this OS. gOS Linux, Ubuntu and the full Fedora Linux distribution is covered in the usual Dummies fashion.

Both books are available from

The Pirate’s Dilemma


With movies and music now being digital instead of only physical objects, modern day pirates are scouring the Web in search of stuff to download without paying. While record companies and movie houses are up in arms about this, Matt Mason in his smashing book The Pirate’s Dilemma, argues that the pirates (and these day’s who isn’t a little bit of a pirate?) are actually the good guys. They are in fact the ones fuelling innovation and driving technology forward, breaking traditional restrictions on the ways we think about the distribution of information.

Mason believes that modern pirates come from a proud line of innovators which include the guys that started Hollywood, DJs responsible for the rock revolution and punk pioneers like Richard Meyers of Television.

The Pirate’s Dilemma is an essential read for anyone amazed by the world brought about by the Internet. It grabs inspiration from everywhere, touching on computer history, graffiti, hip-hop, Star Wars and uhm, the nun that started disco. More importantly the book is about identifying that little bit of pirate in you to start rocking your own revolution. Follow his blog here:

Published by Penguin. R230 from all good bookstores.



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