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Movies have blessed us with a number of alternative means of transportation we would dearly love to get our hands on. Here are a few we lust after.

Bat Mobile

"My other car is a Prius."

Batman's Batmobile: The real muscle car

Batman's Batmobile from the Christopher Nolan movies is our ultimate vehicle of choice. Nothing screams unstoppable or hijacker resistant like this iconic car. It should also make light work of N1 traffic, while no blue-light brigade will dare ask you to move aside. The films' production designer described the Batmobile as being a cross between a Lamborghini and a tank.

Tron Light Cycle

"When I said I wanted to travel light, this is not exactly what I meant."

Tron Light Cycles: Travel at light speed

Tron Light Cycles don't just look spectacularly futuristic, they are dangerous and almost meld man with machine in a way that isn't creepy in an H.R. Giger kind of way. More importantly, they are extremely fast, requiring unparalleled reflexes. Beyond looking like they could provide the ultimate thrill for those who like to live on the edge, Light Cycles came to mind when we thought of life in the fast lane. In Tron: Legacy, a two seat version of the Light Cycle was introduced, named the Light Runner, which was able to run off the grid.

Star Trek Teleporter

"Beam us up Scotty, and please remember our clothes this time."

Star Trek Transporter: Instantly anywhere

Granted, this may not be an actual vehicle, but it's still the most convenient transport device ever imagined. Feel like a shopping trip in Dubai or a quick vacation in Hawaii? Not a problem. In August 2008, physicist Michio Kaku predicted that a teleportation device similar to those in used the series would be invented within 100 years' time.

Back to the Future Delorean

"What if you go back in time and accidentally run over John Delorean?"

Back to the future DeLorean DMC-12: From here to then

Most cars take you places - Back to the Future's DeLorean DMC-12 takes you to times. Think how handy this would be to go back and buy shares in the small start-ups called Google, Microsoft or even a 'fruit company' called Apple. An electric DeLorean is actually being manufactured and is due for launch in 2013.


"Go ahead...Cut in front of me, I dare you!"

Lord of the Rings War Elephant (Mumakil)

The elephant-like Mumakil (called Oliphaunt by the Hobbits) from Lord of the Rings are the ultimate hardcore way to travel. These huge and fearsome creatures would make short work of any and all obstacles in their path, so don't worry about any potholes or speedbumps. As long as you can park it close to a decent watering hole, your transport problems should be solved. Just watch out for those ridiculously quick and agile elves.


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