Live long and prosper with these Spock-eared earphones

By Staff Writer 27 July 2018

We’ve always liked Spock, but is getting a set of Spock-eared Bluetooth earphones perhaps too much? No? FULL STORY >


Is the next Star Trek coming from Quentin Tarantino?

By Staff Writer 8 December 2017

According to Deadline, it seems like the project might not be a simple pipe dream. FULL STORY >


SDCC 17: The best trailers you may have missed

By Staff Writer 24 July 2017

Now that the dust has settled in San Diego, here's a bunch of trailers you may have missed, given all the attention Justice League and Avengers: Infinity War got. FULL STORY >


Star Trek Beyond

By Spling 26 August 2016

Star Trek Beyond takes the director's chair away from J.J. Abrams - is Justin Lin up to the challenge? FULL STORY >


Ubisoft details some of its VR titles for the rest of 2016

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 19 August 2016

Kicking off with Eagle Flight in October, Ubisoft has a number of VR-specific titles on the way. FULL STORY >


Star Trek Discovery to feature female lead

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 11 August 2016

A new series destined to hit TVs next year, Star Trek Discovery will reportedly feature a female lead. FULL STORY >


Star Trek stuns on Humble Bundle

By Staff Writer 1 July 2016

It’s a fairly long way off until the 26 August local release date for Star Trek Beyond. If Rihanna’s Sledgehammer themed new trailer (see below) for the movie was nothing but a sugar high, leaving you in need of sustenance until the movie hits the big... FULL STORY >


Hot New Trailers: 30 June 2016

By Staff Writer 30 June 2016

More Star Trek Beyond, an airplane landing on the Hudson, and an innocent young girl who's far more dangerous than she seems in this week's Hot New Trailers. FULL STORY >


Second trailer for Star Trek Beyond warps into view

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 23 May 2016

Capt. Kirk and the rest of the enterprise are back for what might just be their most ambitious film to date, as a second trailer for Star Trek Beyond beams to YouTube. FULL STORY >


Star Trek Beyond trailer beams down

By Staff Writer 15 December 2015

One look at the new Star Trek trailer and it’s clear that action, action and even more action is top of the new director’s priority list. FULL STORY >


Top 6 Most Anticipated Releases of 2015

By Spling 16 January 2015

If all else fails, there are always movies to cheer you up, and 2015 looks jam-packed with some awesome new releases. Movie fundi Spling picks the best of the lot. FULL STORY >


Fan films worth watching

By Ryan Noik 31 March 2014

It’s not just megamillion dollar productions that show their filmmaker’s expertise – sometimes, fan films and fan trailers can excite just as much. FULL STORY >


Top movies for October 2013

By Staff Writer 3 October 2013

Wondering what is showing at the movies during October? Wonder no more! Movie fundi Spling has the low-down on the top movies (and DVDs) for the month. FULL STORY >


Star Trek Into Darkness

By Staff Writer 11 June 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness lives up to the hype. Spling reviews J.J. Abrams' latest. FULL STORY >


To watch - June 2013

By Mike Joubert 3 June 2013

With a number of blockbuster movies heading to local shores this month, there is no shortage of good movies to watch. FULL STORY >

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