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But why switch to SSD?

SanDisk has recently released their new Extreme Solid State Drives (SSD) locally, offering a range of benefits compared to traditional hard drives. We talked to Mandy Duncan, IT sales manager at local SanDisk distributor Tudortech, about the Extreme range.

What are some of the key benefits of switching over to SanDisk Extreme SSD?

Firstly, better performance and reliability since there are no moving parts so less risk of failure. This can save on IT costs in the long run, because maintenance requirements associated with the disk drive failure are extremely low. The range also includes lightning fast read and write performance (550 MB/s reads, 520 MB/s writes) which can speed up boot-up and application loading times.

So this is actually a way to make my PC perform faster without having to buy a better processor?

Absolutely, boot up of files is much faster, while the Extreme SSDs draw less power so power consumption is better. There is also less noise due to the fact that SSD has no moving parts.

Are there improvements regarding data protection when using SSD?

The drive is engineered to withstand shocks and vibrations, so the chance of failure is a lot less than that of a standard drive, thus keeping the data more secure.

Do SanDisk SSDs work in both PCs and notebooks?

The current SanDisk Extreme is designed for the notebook form factor only, but there are new products being introduced in the range towards the end of the year that will cater for PCs too.

How difficult is it to replace my notebook's current hard disk drive with a SanDisk Extreme SSD?

It is a relatively simple process to replace the physical hard drive. The important element however is the transfer of data and my suggestion would be to get your reseller partner or IT retailer to assist you with this.

How long will the process take?

For the hardware, you're looking at about 15 to 20 minutes. The transfer of information is dependent on how much data you hold on your current drive.

In what sizes are these available?

There are 120 GB, 240 GB and 480 GB versions available.

Where would one be able to find a SanDisk Extreme SSD?

Tudortech is the sole distributor for SanDisk in South Africa, so customers can email me on, or phone 011-803-2226. For more information on SanDisk Extreme SSD, visit


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