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Cisco Interview Part 2: Cybersecurity, AI and the evolution of computing

By Ryan Noik 11 June 2024


In Part 2 of our interview with Cisco's Nabeel Rajab, he explores the impact AI is having on datacentres, computing and security and explains how Hypershield is paving the way for an AI-infused future. FULL STORY >


Cisco Interview Part 1: Taking cybersecurity to a new level with Hypershield

By Ryan Noik 10 June 2024

Recently Ryan Noik sat down with Cisco’s Nabeel Rajab, to gain a deeper insight into the newly released Hypershield. In Part 1, Rajab dives deeper into how Hypershield works to combat the security threats known and... FULL STORY >


Interview with Grant Norton: Redefining Power and Security

By Ryan Noik 4 July 2023

Recently, Premium Brand Distributors brought Anker and eufy products into the South African market, debuting them at this year's SecureEX South Africa Expo. Ryan Noik spoke to Grant Norton, CEO of Premium Brand Distributors to find out... FULL STORY >


Interview with Trend Micro: Addressing gender under-representation in cybersecurity

By Ryan Noik 8 September 2022

Tarryn Maitland, Regional Account Manager at Trend Micro, addresses the issue of underrepresentation of women in technology. Ryan Noik chats to her about what is impeding its progress and what Trend Micro... FULL STORY >


Interview with Avaya – Adapting to a new world of customer service Part 1

By Ryan Noik 21 June 2022

In this multi-part interview with Avaya's MD, Brett Butler, he explains why organisations need to adapt to serving a new kind of evolving customer and providing them with a holistic customer experience. FULL STORY >


Interview with Kaspersky: Shining light on the local cyber security landscape

By Ryan Noik 7 June 2022

Cyberthreats and cybersecurity are dynamic, constantly changing and keeping every business on its toes. TechSmart’s Ryan Noik and Amir Kanaan, the Managing Director for Middle East, Turkey, and Africa at Kaspersky... FULL STORY >


Micro-investing explored and explained

By Ryan Noik 26 May 2022

For those looking to save for their future in an affordable way, it can seem like too steep of a learning curve to even get started. But it doesn’t have to be. FULL STORY >


Interview with Syspro: Realigning our disrupted supply chains Part 2

By Ryan Noik 10 May 2022

To explore the critical issue of the disrupted supply chain, and what business can do from a digital perspective, Ryan Noik speaks to Mark Wilson, the Chief Executive Officer at Syspro EMEA. FULL STORY >


Iron Mountain - Rising to the challenge of data compliance

By Ryan Noik 6 May 2022

South African businesses often need help in managing their information through the entire information life-cycle – from creation to use to disposition and also adhere to stringent regulations. To this end, Iron Mountain recently... FULL STORY >


Interview: The New Frontier - Responsible Use of AI

By Ryan Noik 8 June 2021

With the rise of AI across all facets of society, ethics in artificial intelligence initiatives is proving to be the new frontier of technology. Olivier Penel, SAS Data & Analytics Strategic Advisor, elaborates in this exclusive interview. FULL STORY >


Interview with Blue Prism: Automation in South Africa

By Ryan Noik 17 May 2021

Ahead of Blue Prism World taking place this week, Ryan Noik discusses intelligent automation with Greg Newton, Country Manager at Blue Prism. FULL STORY >

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