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Rob Orr

The new BlackBerry Curve 9360 has been released internationally and is a lot sleeker (11 mm) and faster (800 MHz processor) than its older Curve brothers. We talked to Rob Orr, vice president for Product Management at Research In Motion, about some of the new features.

TechSmart (TS): So what's important on the new BlackBerry Curve 9360?

Rob Orr (RO): I would say three main things. We are bringing the new BlackBerry 7 operating system to the Curve franchise; there are new Facebook browsing capabilities; while the new Liquid Graphics user interface is also onboard. The 9360 also offers improvements in the form of an 800 MHz processor - the fastest on a Curve yet, a new display resolution of 480 x 360 pixels, GPS, Wi-Fi, memory improved to 512 MB and a sleek backlit keyboard.

TS: What are you most excited about in the new Curve models?

RO: There are lots, but if I have to pick I would say the design. The Curve range has always been very approachable and for many it's their first smartphone experience. Our industrial designers have done a marvelous job and the Curve's name is now reflected in its design, with a curved slope on the front and back. The new BlackBerry Curve 9360 takes the hardware, software and communication to the next level.

TS: Why do you think BlackBerry is so popular here in SA?

RO: The things that make BlackBerry are BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and further enhanced messaging capabilities. BlackBerry has brought smartphone technology to a new segment, and for many it's their first experience on the internet. Furthermore it's cost effective and cost controlled.

TS: Tell us a bit more about BBM 6.

RO: BBM 6 takes the messaging experience and enhances it. For example the developers have worked on the chat user interface, you can post your status on BBM, allow friends to join games and access new content and services straight from BBM. We have 67 million BlackBerry users, with 50 million BBM users, across the globe right now. BlackBerry is growing in a number of emerging markets, such as Venezuela and Dubai, but also, for example, in the prepaid sector in the UK and the Netherlands.


Interview first published in TechSmart Issue 96, September 2011. Follow TechSmart on Twitter and join us on Facebook.



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