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With user generated content all the rage, why did you decide to go for paid for content?

User generated content available for free certainly has its place on the web. However, the standard and quality of user generated content is not always high. While a small percentage of it may be entertaining and of quality, the vast majority is of the 'dog-chasing-its-tail' variety. It is for this reason that on we have opted to go for premium content that is sharp, punchy, and highly entertaining. Furthermore all the videos available on the service are made-for-mobile, ensuring the user has the best possible experience on his or her small screen. That said, we also have free videos for added value such as funny clips, movie trailers and video game trailers.

How long did it take to develop
MEDIAS built the system based on years of practical experience dealing with rich media. It took us more than a year to develop and we believe we have built a world-class system that can compete internationally.

So what types of videos are available? has a wide range of content available, from entertainment to animation, some selected from the best available internationally, and some fantastic local material that is really attractive to our local audience. For example we have CELL, the first made-for-mobile action thriller series which weaves a story in 20 episodes, and 'When Evil Calls', the first made for mobile horror series. We have several infotainment series such as 'Mobimagic' - a series which teaches you fantastic magic tricks to impress your friends. From sports we have extreme sports videos of celebrity skateboarders and bike stars. We also have all the latest movie trailers for free, as well as video game trailers for the Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii.

Your videos don’t contain digital rights management (DRM), meaning people can Bluetooth it to friends. Does this bother you?
We have tried to make the system as easy to use and accessible as possible for our users. Placing DRM on the content would have restricted the amount of cellphones that could view it, and would have made it more difficult for users to play the videos. We also think that the premium nature and 'coolness' factor of being the first to have some of our content will make DRM unnecessary.

R15 per premium episode of your series. Is this not a bit steep?

Relative to other forms of content being purchased on mobile portals (such as ringtones and wallpapers) where the quality and entertainment value is not that great but the price can be as high as R60/week, we believe our offering is fair.


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