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How do you feel about people illegally copying your music?

I go through phases really. Sometimes I get really p*ssed thinking about it, but then I realise it’s a reality in the time we live in. You just have to make the best of the other avenues you have available as a musician, like live shows, merchandise and so forth.

Have you ever copied music illegally?

Yip, when the whole Napster thing came out I was totally into it. Then I started making my own music and realised that it maybe wasn’t such a clever idea! Now I make a point of buying albums, even if I have to order them from the US/UK…

How is your Facebook presence working out for you?

Facebook has turned into the primary way we communicate with our fans, MySpace has died out and is full of spam… hopefully FB doesn’t take the same route!

Is there still a place for vinyl in a world of MP3s?

There’s definitely still is a small market for vinyl. A lot of bands are releasing their albums on vinyl as a special edition feature, allowing devoted fans to have a more ‘exclusive’ version of the music. Who knows, maybe it’ll come back into fashion like Ray-Ban Wayfarers!

What’s on high rotate on your MP3 player?

The new Mew album and the Incubus best of called Monuments and Melodies.

Favourite gadget of all time?

My iPhone – it really is the best thing I have ever bought.

PC or console gaming?

I am not really a gamer, but if I do play it’s on PlayStation and it’s usually a snowboarding game or golf.

Favourite game of all time?


So, what’s next for Zebra & Giraffe?

Lots of touring till the end of the year, and then hopefully start work on a new album.


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