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According to AppleInsider, the next generation of Apple’s iPad, Apple TV as well as the iPhone, will be powered by a dual-core SGX543 graphics card. This would be a tremendous graphical step-up (about twice the processing power at the same clock speed) from the A4 system-on-a-chip’s single SGX535 GPU (also referred to as the PowerVR 535) employed in the current iPad.
This graphical processing boost will make it possible for the second generation iPad to boast a display with up to four times the screen resolution of the current model’s. It may then sport an ultra high resolution Retina Display (like the ones used in the iPhone 4 and iPod touch), as well as 1080p HDMI video output. The new graphics cores will also make use of OpenCL (Open Computing Language), in order to enable the GPU’s processing capabilities to be extended beyond graphics, by allowing it to take over some general computing tasks from the CPU.
The companies behind the development of the new A5 system-on-a-chip (SoC) is again going to be Apple-owned Intrinsity, with Samsung handling the production side of things. Aside from the new graphical capabilities, the new A5 SoC also reportedly sports a multi-core Cortex A9-based CPU for general processing.
It is also rumoured that the PlayStation Portable 2 (PSP 2) will sport the same graphics architecture, except with additional cores (up to four or eight cores).

Pic: AppleInsider


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