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Canon has unveiled an abundance of new cameras for the compact camera toting photographer, including six new PowerShot A series compact cameras and two new IXUS models.  

The new additions include the PowerShot A810 and PowerShot A1300, PowerShot A2300 and PowerShot A2400 IS and the PowerShot A3400 IS and PowerShot A4000 IS.

"Each model combines Canon's leading lens technology, a slim and stylish design and a range of stand-out technologies that make taking photos and recording HD movies easier than ever before," commented Abri Kriegler, product manager at Canon South Africa.

Power Players

To this end, the PowerShot A810 and PowerShot A1300, are billed as the range’s ‘take anywhere cameras’ which the company explained offer image quality alongside simple, easy functionality that offers versatile support for shooting everything from family group shots to outdoor events.

The new PowerShot A2300 and PowerShot A2400 IS, on the other hand, are aimed at style conscious users who want a camera to capture party shots and HD quality movies on nights out. The latter of the two offers both optical and intelligent image stabilisation (IS), to help prevent camera shake and blur when photographing while moving.

The new PowerShot A3400 IS and PowerShot A4000 IS each offer something a little different. While the PowerShot A3400 IS features a 3' touchscreen LCD, the PowerShot A4000 IS boasts an 8x optical zoom lens.
Canon's new PowerShot A4000 offers an 8x optical zoom.
Common features

The company elaborated that each model features a 16.0 megapixel sensor alongside Canon's advanced DIGIC 4 processor “to ensure stills are captured in crisp, clear detail with natural colours.” Additionally,  the new cameras have a 28mm wide-angle lens while the PowerShot A810, PowerShot A1300, PowerShot A2300, PowerShot A2400 IS and PowerShot A3400 IS offers up a 5X optical zoom.

Similarly, each of the new models  has advanced image stabilisation, and on the PowerShot A810, PowerShot A1300 and PowerShot A2300, Digital IS mode detects motion and merges multiple images into one blur free image.

Not surprisingly, the new cameras each offer a dedicated Movie Record button for capturing 720p HD movies, along with a range of creative modes, such as monochrome, fish eye effect and poster effect.


Last year, we were particularly impressed by Canon’s IXUS 310 HS and thus we were admittedly excited to hear about the launch of the new IXUS 510 HS and IXUS 240 HS. Kriegler explained that while the IXUS 240 HS's slim and elegant design and fun functionality makes it ideal for photographing  and sharing images “anytime and anywhere,”  the IXUS 510 HS is the “perfect take anywhere camera for style-conscious users.”

The IXUS 510 HS boasts a 28mm wide-angle 12x optical zoom (packed into compact body that is 19.8 mm front-to-back), while the IXUS 240 HS offers a 24 mm ultra-wide-angle 5x optical zoom lens.

Additionally, the inclusion of ZoomPlus technology on the cameras offers users the ability to extend the zoom of the 510 HS beyond its 12x optical zoom to 21x, while the IXUS 240 HS can be extended past its 5x optical zoom to 10x.
The new IXUS 510 HS may have a small frame, but it packs an
exhaustive array of features.

Common, but not commonplace

Onboard both cameras is Intelligent image stabilisation (IS), along with Intelligent IS, which the company explained “rapidly analyses the shooting scene and automatically adjusts the camera's settings, selecting from seven different stabilisation modes to ensure photos and movies remain clear and with minimal blur.”

Both models feature large, bright and vibrant 8.0 cm (3.2") PureColor II Touch LCD displays with 460 000-dot resolution – which we expect will offer the same or similar clarity, ease of use and responsiveness that won us over on both the 310 HS and the 1100 HS.

Additionally, the IXUS 510 HS and IXUS 240 HS each feature Multi-area White Balance, which detects multiple light sources and corrects the colour balance for each. This, Canon assured, will deliver natural images in challenging conditions featuring multiple light sources.

Like the new PowerShot cameras, the IXUS 510 HS and IXUS 240 HS offer a dedicated movie record button for video recording, however, they are capable of full HD (1080P) along with stereo sound.

Sharing is... essential

Leaving possibly the most notable and best feature for last, both new IXUS cameras boast integrated Wi-Fi connectivity.

The company explained that the CameraWindow application allows photos and movies to be wirelessly transferred directly to a range of Apple iOS mobile devices for instant sharing, as well as enabling users to share photos via email, upload them to Facebook with their own comments, or upload movies to YouTube.

To the point

In short, Canon’s new announcements introduced an exhaustive raft of features, particularly on their new IXUS cameras, that seems to have left little out. As yet though, prices and availability have yet to be confirmed, however, we suspect that Canon’s new additions will be worth waiting for.  


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