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Microsoft has published commissioned research from analyst firm IDC, showing that cloud computing will create almost 14 million new jobs around the globe by 2015.

IDC’s research predicts revenues from cloud innovation could reach $1.1 trillion annually by 2015. According to report, this enormous revenue generating capacity coupled with cloud efficiencies, will lead to significant organisational reinvestment as well as job growth.

The report further indicates that specific industries will generate job growth at different rates, with  public cloud investments for instance, delivering quicker job growth compared to private cloud investments. Additionally, it noted that governments can influence the amount of jobs created by cloud computing within individual countries.

“For most organisations, cloud computing should be a no-brainer, given its ability to increase IT innovation and flexibility, lower capital costs, and help generate revenues that are multiples of spending,” said John F. Gantz, chief research officer and senior vice president at IDC.

“A common misperception is cloud computing is a job eliminator, but in truth it will be a job creator — a major one. And job growth will occur across continents and throughout organisations of all sizes because emerging markets, small cities and small businesses have the same access to cloud benefits as large enterprises or developed nations.”
In related news Microsoft recently announced the availability of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, the pre-release beta version of the company’s forthcoming new desktop, notebook and tablet operating system (OS).


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