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Legendary achievement looming for the Toyota Prius

Toyota’s poster child vehicle for the green car industry, the Prius, has been the best-selling car in Japan for the past 18 months. But even more impressive is the fact that the Prius is on track to beat the record set by Toyota’s legendary Corolla (300 008 cars) for most sales in Japan within a calendar year.

January to November Japanese sales of the Prius clocks in at 297 563, which is a mere 2 445 cars shy of the record set by the Corolla two decades ago. Seeing that Toyota has been selling around 20 000 Prius’s per month, this green car looks to be a certain bet to become the new record holder.
Cisco makes other IT companies green with eco-envy
Networking and communications technology company, Cisco, has claimed the number one spot on Greenpeace’s Cool IT Leaderboard. The environmental watchdog group named Cisco, Ericsson, as well as Fujitsu, as the top three most environmentally responsible IT companies. Cisco scored 70 out of 100 possible points, whilst Ericsson notched up 57 points and Fujitsu 52 points. Points are awarded based on a company’s efforts to offer economy-wide technological climate solutions, which will contribute to global greenhouse gas reductions, initiatives that they offer to reduce their own global warming emissions and whether they are actively engaged in political advocacy as well as support for science-based climate and energy policies.
HP first to ship new greener Ethernet Standard
HP has announced that it is the first company to ship products based on a new energy-efficient Ethernet standard, which the company helped to develop. Products utilising this new standard enables their users to reduce the energy consumption and operational costs of their IT equipment.
This IEEE Energy Efficient Ethernet standard (IEEE 802.3az) reduces power consumption of IT equipment by automatically adjusting energy use based on actual network traffic between switches as well as other networked devices in real time. The new HP E-Series zl modules are the first IEEE Energy Efficient Ethernet-enabled switches to automatically enter “sleep mode” as will connected EEE-devices, when no traffic is being transmitted.
Other interesting stuff
Dreams of a world where fuel-less planes occupy the skies. 
Manure will become a valuable commodity in the US again. 
Excellent website for all things green. 


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