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EA Sports has announced the release dates for the highly anticipated FIFA 11. Gamers in the US are set to take to the virtual pitch on 28 September while Europe and Asia will have to wait until 1 October to leave the sub bench.
FIFA 11 will introduce some new elements to the franchise including custom audio, which allows players to assign chants to every team and league. Users will be able to set their home club’s chants to play during halftime or after goals for example and can even create chants for their virtually created pro.
Although EA mentioned nothing about blaring vuvuzelas, the ability to play music stored on your hard drive in the game is now also available.
In addition to the customisable audio, gamers can also share their created players and teams with friends to play with online in tournaments as well as kick-off matches.
“Having the ability to customize content in FIFA Soccer 11 to the degree where you are creating players and teams, choosing player attributes and managing team tactics effortlessly from the web opens up a world of possibilities of original content that fans will be able to create,” said David Rutter, producer of FIFA Soccer 11 on Xbox 360 and PS3. 
The game will come out on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PC, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, PSP and mobiles.


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