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Distributor of Apple’s products in Southern Africa, Core Group, has announced that Gijima has been appointed the first Apple Authorised Systems Integrator (SI) in Southern Africa.

With a growing need for IT departments to support Apple technology in the integration of both company-owned and personal devices. Gijima will assist with the support for Apple hardware and software solutions that work with company-managed systems.

Industry observers have noted that IT departments are not only faced with the challenge of integrating company-owned technology, but also personal devices that employees want to bring to work.

Employees recognise that mobile devices, the likes of the iPad, are excellent productivity tools and are demanding that their personal technology integrates with their organisation’s back-end systems.

As a SI, adding the skills and competencies around Apple’s iOS, Core Group believes that Gijima will be able to offer the support needed to integrate Apple technology seamlessly and ensure that all security, software and hardware requirements are met.

“We recognise that the trend of ‘bring your own device’ has increased with the consumerisation of IT and and the launch of the iPad. Additionally, the use of Apple technology has increased substantially in the enterprise space and there is demand for more systems support. Gijima has been appointed to meet this demand and assist organisations with their Apple technology requirements”, said RJ van Spaandonk, executive director of Core Group.

As an Authorised Reseller and Systems Integrator, Gijima will sell and support iPad, MacBook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, Mac Mini, Lion and Lion Server to both small and large enterprises.

“We are delighted to become the first Systems Integrator in South Africa and to have the opportunity to assist companies with tangible solutions for integrating Apple technology into their organisation”, stated Carlos Ferreira, chief financial officer of Gijima.

“In June this year, through our Vision 2025 initiative, we integrated 3300 iPads into our own organisation, so we have first hand experience with the requirements and systems needed to support companies with their Apple technology needs,” Ferreira concluded.
In related Apple news, a number of iPhone 4S users have been complaining about dreary battery-life on their new smartphone.


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