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A new chapter is being written in the ongoing patent war waged between the Cupetino-based tech giant Apple and Taiwanese smartphone and tablet maker HTC. HTC is suing Apple for the third time over patents, but this time it is pointing its legal rifle at Apple after having loaded it with some newly obtained Google patent bullets.

According to Bloomberg, HTC filed the lawsuit with the federal court in Delaware and a complaint at the US International Trade Commission (ITC), stating that Apple is infringing on nine of its patents, which the HTC has obtained from Google last week.

What the lawsuit and complaint deals with

HTC’s lawsuit states that Apple’s Mac computer, iPhone, iPod, iPad tablet, iCloud service and iTunes are all infringing on its patents. These devices do this because of the manner in which they upgrade their software wirelessly, how they transfer data between a microprocessor and a support chip, the way in which they store a user’s preferences, as well as the manner in which they deliver consistent contact between the application software and a radio modem.

The publication stated that Google had acquired four of these patents from Motorola, three from Openwave Systems and two from Palm.

The search giant wouldn’t comment on why it decided to transfer these patents to HTC, but this lawsuit marks the strongest showing thus far from Google relating to supporting its Android original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners in defence of what it called “a hostile, organised campaign against Android by Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and other companies, waged through bogus patents.”

When the search giant announced that it is acquiring Motorola Mobility, its CEO and co-founder Larry Page, stated that this acquisition would strengthen Google’s patent portfolio, enabling the company to better protect its Android mobile operating system (OS) from anti-competitive threats from other companies. It is now appearing to do just that.  

In related news HTC also recently unveiled its new HTC TITAN and HTC Radar Windows Phone-powered smartphones.


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