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It’s been a long wait but IO Interactive has finally announced the highly anticipated fifth instalment in the Hitman series, entitled HITMAN ABSOLUTION.
The latest game (teaser trailer posted below) once again follows the exploits of the cold-blooded assassin Agent 47, who surprise, surprise is still in the killing game. He takes on his most dangerous contract to date, but ends up being betrayed by those he trusted. As a fugitive from the police, he is thrust in the centre of a dark conspiracy.
“For the first time we are taking Agent 47 on a personal journey which allows us to explore other parts of the Hitman fantasy,” said Tore Blystad, game director, IO Interactive.
“This is both a familiar and yet significantly different experience from other Hitman games; something our silent assassins will relish, as will all those new to the Hitman world.”
The Danish game developer, which is part of Square Enix Europe, also stated that HITMAN ABSOLUTION will employ its new Glacier 2 game engine to bring the game’s world to 3D-rendered life.
The game is scheduled for release in 2012 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, as well as the PC. It will also be showcased during the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that will be held in Los Angeles between 7 and 9 June.


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