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IT security provider Kaspersky Lab has warned internet users about a new, fast-moving Twitter worm which exploits Google’s service of truncated links.
These truncated URLs are used in micro-blogging systems, limiting the length of messages for users of services such as Twitter. This type of links do carry a hidden threat to the user though, as the text of a truncated URL can be fairly obscure and a user would not know if it contains a threat, prior to ending up on an infected site. Hackers are now managing to successfully lure unsuspecting users and getting them to click on malicious truncated links.
Kaspersky Lab experts have recently found that the Twitter worm’s redirection chain pushes users to a webpage that delivers rogue AV software called ‘Security Shield’. After several redirections, a user is transferred to the page related to the malware.
While you are on this website, you will receive a warning that your PC is running suspicious applications. This warning invites users to remove all the threats from their PC by downloading the ‘Security Shield’ rogue AV application. By downloading this program the user’s computer is then infected with malicious software.
There are thousands of Twitter messages that continue to spread this worm according to the company. All of Kaspersky Lab products are capable of detecting this threat, but the company warns users that they should always be aware that clicking on random links may lead to severe infection of their PC.


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