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Microsoft today announced that South African Xbox LIVE users will from today onwards be able to access both Facebook and Twitter through the online gaming portal.

While Xbox LIVE has been a household name in the states for several years now, the service only came to South Africa about three months ago, pushing the total number of LIVE enabled countries globally up to 35.
Several new features will be coming to Xbox LIVE thanks to Facebook and Twitter integration. Facebook, as everyone knows, is the largest social networking site in the world, and this makes quite a few things possible.
The new features will allow sharing of real-time status updates and photos with your friends, viewing photo galleries on your big screen TV and sharing some of those glorious gaming moments on Facebook (if you really want to do that).
Gamers can also use Friend Linker to find friends on their Facebook who also own Xbox LIVE Gamertags. Users can even update their status with achievements as they are earned in-game.
With Twitter support, you can now also enjoy micro blogging from the comfort of your sofa through your TV and Xbox 360. The new twitter application allows friends and family to stay in touch easily, want to play a multiplayer match but don't have enough players? Simply tweet the invitation to your friends and have them join you in-game.
Players can also link their Twitter username with their Gamertags and can find their Twitter followers on Xbox LIVE if they also own Gamertags.
The new Facebook and Twitter features requires an Xbox LIVE Gold membership, and for those that already own Gold membership the content should be available for automatic download from today onwards. 


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