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Of late, Kaspersky Labs has been particularly proactive in combating malware and cybercrime as it affects a variety of arenas, including that of gaming. Today, the company took another step forward in this ongoing battle, with the release of its new Endpoint Security 8 for Windows and Kaspersky Security Centre offerings. These are particularly aimed at keeping businesses and corporations free of emerging threats.

Petr Merkulov, chief product officer of Kaspersky Lab, elaborated that the Endpoint Protection Platform consists of seamlessly integrated security modules.

“We have merged real-time, cloud-assisted protection with intelligent proactive endpoint protection, and have created a compelling security centre that will help companies of all sizes protect themselves against emerging IT threats, including targeted attacks,” he elaborated. This would then have a positive impact on their productivity, he added.

Merkulov explained that the new product integrates with a cloud-based security intelligence system, which provides real-time updates for new and unknown threats.
Key Features
The new versions of Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows and Kaspersky Security Centre offer several new, as well as improved, features. These include:
  • Enhanced Protection: A new anti-virus engine incorporates improved pattern-based signature technology, which offers efficient malware detection with smaller update sizes. The System Watcher module constantly monitors program activities and can undo damage caused by malicious programs.
  • Integration with the cloud: Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows integrates with the Kaspersky Security Network, a cloud-based threat intelligence database that gathers and exchanges file, URL reputation and malware information in near real-time.
  • Application Control and White-listing:  This is intended to strengthen companies’ security stance against targeted attacks, by enabling IT administrators to set policies to allow or block certain applications using Application Startup Control; monitor and restrict certain applications’ activities and monitor application vulnerabilities.
  • Endpoint Control: This new feature enables businesses to enforce corporate security policies, by managing which devices are allowed onto their network, and block malicious websites and undesirable web content.
  • Intelligent Personal Firewall and Intrusion Detection System: for enhanced protection from network attacks, regardless of connection type or location.
Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows is managed by a newly designed Kaspersky Security Centre, which succeeds the Kaspersky Administration Kit. The new management console is intended to provide more comprehensive control and manageability, support for physical as well as virtual environments, along with scalability to fit the growing needs of businesses.
The company explained that, besides from malware protection, most companies also use client firewalls as well as tools for vulnerability checks and updating software. It pointed out that, for protection of corporate infrastructure to be fully effective, a security policy covering all endpoint devices needed to be enforced as well. Kaspersky Lab further asserted that control over programs used, network activity, and external devices could reduce the risk of unauthorised access to sensitive data and thus prevent possible financial losses.
“Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows is a key addition to our comprehensive security suite, which helps businesses to be ready for the next challenge in IT security. It combines efficient anti-malware protection with a broadened feature set, designed to build stronger corporate security policy and control the attack surface. Our new products offer near real-time hybrid protection by tightly integrating signature-based, proactive, and cloud assisted detection technologies,” concluded Eugene Kaspersky, chief executive officer and co-founder, Kaspersky Lab.
In recent news, Kaspersky Lab teamed up with Microsoft and Kyrus Tech to eradicate the Kelihos botnet, which was used to deliver billions of spam messages, steal personal data, and perform Denial of Service attacks.


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