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Just as local service provider MWEB did when it introduced the first affordable uncapped ADSL offerings in the country last year, it is now seeking to revolutionise the hosting market with its new Uncapped Hosting offering, charged at only R19 per month. 

MWEB has bundled all the elements needed for website hosting into one easy-to-use fixed rate package that includes no limit on the amount of traffic to your website, as well as uncapped storage space.

South African business owners will truly be able to put their business on the virtual map with Uncapped Hosting, offering all the essential features in a secure, shared hosting space.

Customers will also receive a free domain name and a personalised email address with five additional aliases. A MySQL database will also be available, from where users can administer and edit their webpage, including aspects such as product catalogues and supplier details, for example.

Websites will be hosted locally on MWEB's data centres, meaning local visitors will experience a faster browsing experience on your site.

“We are constantly looking for ways to provide consumers with a world-class online experience and, with out new Uncapped Hosting product, supported by Uncapped ADSL, South Africans will be able to afford a convenient, easy to understand package to kick-start their business website without the cost-related and admin intensive concerns”, said Carolyn Holgate, general manager at MWEB Connect.

“We have always taken a strong stance in getting start-up businesses off the ground and assisting them in meeting their business technology needs from launch to growth phase. The beauty of Uncapped hosting is that it establishes an online presence for your business or personal use that is both affordable and convenient. In addition, MWEB ADSL customers will get MWEB Uncapped Hosting for free for the first year,” Holgate continued.

MWEB provisions the website, registers it for you and will renew the domain on an annual basis, meaning you won't have to deal with any of the traditional web administration that comes with owning a website.

“We are extremely proud to be launching the Uncapped hosting platform at such an affordable price and to make it a reality for South African small business owners and consumers to put their product, brands and name in the market,” concluded Holgate.

For more information, visit or call 08600 3200.


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