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According to Kotaku, one of the Discovery Channel’s most popular shows, Mythbusters, is heading for the virtual world.

Over the years the show has attracted a large following as the show’s hosts, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have tackled a number of myths, from shark attacks to simple gardening.

At this year’s Comic-Con convention in San Diego, Savage confirmed a fan’s request to see Ubisoft’s Assassins’s Creed ‘leaps of faith’ tested out in real life.

“We have a couple of stories from video games that have been on the list for a long time,” said Savage, adding that one had been named “Nintendo vs. Pro”.

In this idea a youngster who had just got his driving license would be trained to drive on a specific racetrack in a video game and would afterwards be put into a real Formula 3 car to see if the video game training made a difference. Sounds like good television.

He added that there is a lot of material to work with in the field and that they would do a video game special episode in the future.

Another co-star and resident technical junkie on the show, Grant Imahara, added he had heard directly from Ubisoft that the company is interested in such an episode.


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