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NAVTEQ, one of the leading global providers of maps, traffic and location data in the world, announced that its global coverage of NAVTEQ Traffic real-time information now spans six new countries including South Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

Whether users are driving in Moscow, one of the most congested cities in the world, or making use of the roads in and around Gauteng, some of the most pothole filled roads in the world (don't quote us on that), they need access to details on current traffic conditions so they can make more informed routing and re-routing decisions.

NAVTEQ aggregates data from a comprehensive range of sources including one of the world's largest compilations of both commercial and consumer probe data; the world's largest fixed proprietary sensor network; event-based data collected from bodies such as the police force, emergency services and road charge organisations; and billions of historical data records collected over the past eight years. Unique, proprietary technology is used to integrate, process and transmit traffic information.

With the dramatic growth of GPS data collected from millions of handsets and connected in-car and PND devices, NAVTEQ has been able to accelerate expansion and offer accurate coverage not only on motorways and main roads, but also on secondary roads in urban centres.

“NAVTEQ Traffic is helping people and goods move faster and more efficiently across the global landscape,” said Howard Hayes, senior vice president, NAVTEQ Traffic. “As leaders in global traffic coverage, we're uniquely equipped to ease some of the pain associated with navigating around traffic whether the journey is a daily commute or long-haul travel.”

The official entry of NAVTEQ Traffic will hopefully help increase the reliance and relevance of traffic data throughout South Africa.


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