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Opera Software has released the alpha version of its Opera 11 PC web browser today, which the company announced last week.  
This latest version of the Opera browser boasts the ability to add extensions, which are browser add-ons that have been created using Opera application programming interfaces (APIs) as well as web standards like HTML5 and JavaScript. These extensions will allow users to customise their web browser by adding features and functionality directly into the browser itself.
“Opera has always been customizable, but now you can personalize your browser in a new way through Opera extensions,” said Jon von Tetzchner, co-founder of Opera.
“We take pride in introducing new features to the browser. Now, other developers can join in the fun and share their innovations with millions of people. Everyone using Opera 11 will be able to personalize their browser in myriad ways, which opens up so many possibilities for making the Web a more personal experience.”
Opera also stated that web developers, who have already created similar extension for other browsers (Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome browsers all make use of extensions), will be able to bring these extensions onto the Opera platform and its over 50 million users. They will be able to do this with minimal amount of tweaks to their code.
You can download Opera 11 alpha (test version for the PC, 9.1 MB) here.


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