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Have you ever had the urge to preserve all those random Facebook memories and posts, so easily lost in the constantly updating world of the internet?

Well if you did a new service known as Ninuku Archivist is able to automatically archive all those intelligent wall posts for you, organising them chronologically into a month-by-month, chapter-by-chapter basis, saving each chapter as a PDF file on your behalf.
The service will then organise your wall posts into different chapters, laying them out in a style similar to that of a real book. The service also lets users tag photos to be included, which Ninuku will then upload and lay out within the PDF documents.
Users can also edit the chapters and can add private thoughts or comments as they please. According to Ninuku this will be useful when users need to remember what they meant with cryptic status updates.
So for $24 a year Ninuku Archivist will automatically download your Facebook data and organise it into chapters which you can then download via PDF, print out (if you wish), and create a Facebook diary of sorts.
The company encourages users to be privacy conscious when using the service, but we know how big of a deal Facebook made about privacy only to leak user information anyway.
A free trail of the service is available so users can see what they'll be getting over at


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