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2013 is already looking like it's set to be a spectacular year on the gaming front. Along with several of 2012's delayed titles, several other heavy hitters are slated to make their debut. Here are our top picks for 2013.
DmC: Devil May Cry
Slashes 15 January
Leading the charge is the reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise by developers Ninja Theory, which, if the demo is anything to judge by, is striking all the right kinds of notes for a fantastic, bloody and thrilling action-adventure and hack and slash title.
The game centres around Dante, who finds himself in the demon controlled Limbo City. Quickly recruited by a mysterious organisation known as The Order, led by his brother Vergil, Dante’s stylish and weapon-laden battle to liberate Limbo City is accompanied by a subplot to reveal more about his own origins.
Dead Space 3
Scares February 2012
After Dead Space 2, another entry was inevitable, as EA clearly heard players scream for more. In less than two months time, Isaac Clarke and John Carver, will be bringing frightening back, as they attempt to track down the source of the Necromorph scourge.
This time though, it will be the ice planet of Tau Volantis that will be the setting of a title we expect will skewer our attention and haunt our nightmares. Whether players opt to brave the treacherous planet alone, or team up with a friend to share the fear, Dead Space 3 should be a doozy.
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Crash lands February 2012

To say the anticipation for Aliens: Colonial Marines is of epic proportions for fans of the Aliens franchise would be no exaggeration.  Hopes are high that the game will live up to the promise that this year’s Prometheus didn’t quite deliver, namely, offering up some genuine, spine-tingling Xenomorph scares last experienced by Ripley and co. Indeed, Gearbox’s co-op friendly first person shooter is set after Alien 3 and is officially considered part of the Aliens canon.  
Players will step into the shoes of Corporal Christopher Winter as he and his team go on a search and rescue mission to find Ellen Ripley and investigate what went wrong on the USS Sulaco. Players can also expect to contend with the aliens from all three movies, including Facehuggers, Chestbursters, Runners and, of course, the Queen herself.
Tomb Raider
Vaults March 2012
This reboot of Tomb Raider takes us back before Lara Croft became the renown adventurer extraordinaire that we are familiar with, to rather tell an origins story. Players can expect to see a more vulnerable and fallible Lara who has to fight for her own survival.
The young archaeologist finds herself on a not so deserted island after being shipwrecked, and accruing the skills for which she has become famous. In place of the trademark duel pistols, Lara, at least at first, will rely on a bow and arrow to dispatch foes. Parallels have been drawn to Uncharted, for all the right, and exciting reasons.
Bioshock Infinite
Floating in March
Delayed and delayed again, Bioshock Infinite is nonetheless looking like a game that will be well worth the wait when it arrives in March. Taking place in the floating city of Columbia, the third in the series puts players in the shoes of Booker DeWitt, who is tasked with freeing a young woman Elisabeth, who has some rather interesting powers at her disposal.
While players will have an arsenal of weapons and psychokinetic powers, expect the stylishly rendered city, with its fair share of intrigue, to keep you captivated till the credits roll.
Honourable Mentions:

Two honourable mentions bring our tally to seven, as the PlayStation exclusive, God of War: Ascension and the Xbox 360 exclusive Gears of War: Judgment, will similarly lead a fearsome and unrelenting assault on gamers’ wallets this March. In short, the first three months of the gaming calendar are chock full of goodness.   


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