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In a surprise move, Vodacom this weekend announced that it will be rolling out is own 3G based mobile television offering in addition to supporting a similar offering from DSTv on its network. 

Branded as TV: On Demand! it will offer Vodacom Contract, Prepaid or Top Up customers the ability to watch television content via the group’s 3G network and will include access to select HBO, MTV and Disney shows such as South Park, Entourage, The Hills and Sex in the City. 
In addition to this, other TV: On Demand! benefits will include pause and play viewing functionality, updated episodes and a comprehensive music playlist. 
Vodacom is also offering subscribers 30 days of free viewing if they sign up during the promotional period (between August and September). 
TV: On Demand is set at a slightly higher monthly subscription cost than DSTv Mobile, which is currently available for R59 a month or R19 a week. The monthly cost for the service will be R75 or R20 per week. Data streaming for TV: On Demand! content is zero-rated, so users will not be charged for any data usage.
It is currently unclear how DSTv Mobile and TV: On Demand! will affect each other, considering both services will be offered on the same network. Multichoice did however make it clear last week that it does not have an exclusive agreement with Vodacom to carry its 3G streaming service and will continue to pursue a DVB-H based mobile television offering in South Africa. 


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