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Market research firm comScore has released the latest data from its MobiLens service, looking at key trends within the US mobile phone industry over the three month period ending July 2012. The analytics firm’s study surveyed more than 30 000 US mobile subscribers.

Korean tech giant Samsung still finds itself in pole position as the top handset manufacturer overall, as it has snapped up a market share of 25.6%. Google’s Android mobile operating system (OS) continues to annex more mobile OS territory, as it is now powering 52.2% of all US smartphone subscribers’ devices.

Also pressing the up button on the mobile OS share elevator is Apple’s iOS platform, which has now managed to capture over one third (33.4%) market share.

OEM market share

In terms of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) Samsung still reigns supreme, with fellow Korean firm LG claiming second spot courtesy of its 18.4% market share. The Cupertino-based iPhone and iPad maker, Apple, enlarged its US OEM market share by nearly 2% (up 1.9%) to rank third with 16.3% of mobile subscribers opting for an iPhone.

In fourth place is Google-owned Motorola Mobility with its 11.2% stake (a drop of 1.3%), whilst Taiwanese smartphone and tablet maker HTC claims fifth place via its 6.4% market share.

Table: comScore

Smartphone platform market share

comScore stated that more than 114 million people Stateside owned smartphones during the three months ending in July 2012, which is an increase of four million mobile devices compared to June 2012’s figures.

June 2012’s figures revealed that when combines iOS (32.4%) and Android (51.6%) accounted for 84% of the US smartphone platform market. Now, these two popular platforms make up 85.6% of the market.

The third most employed smartphone OS in the States according to comScore, is Canadian smartphone and tablet maker RIM’s (Research In Motion’s) BlackBerry OS, with a market share of 9.5%. It is followed by Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS at 3.6% and Symbian with its minute 0.8% stake.
Table: comScore

In related news, market analytics company IDC recently announced that China is looking poised to overtake the US as the number one smartphone market in terms of shipments.


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