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After last week’s Awesomeness IQ challenge, BlackBerry’s Touch Awesomeness competition enters week seven and calls upon entrants to get some South African celebs to follow them on Twitter. These celebs are South African TV presenter and radio DJ Bonang Matheba (@Bonang_M), local rockgroup Die Heuwels Fantasties (@DieHeuwels), rapper Siya Slikour Metane as well as TV presenter Lee-Roy Wright.

This week’s challenge - Followed by Famousness

This week’s challenge is quite a doozy and involves composing a creative, attention-grabbing tweet that incorporates the following hashtag: #bbtouchawesomeness. If one of the celebs notices this tweet and follows you as a result, you will add a very handy 100 points to your overall tally, whilst the actual tweets automatically nets you one point. Entrants are limited to posting three tweets per day.   

Our experience

After quickly logging-in with our Twitter details to the competition site, we were able to post our tweets right from the Touch Awesomeness competition website. The touchawesomeness hashtag is conveniently added to the posts automatically and after sending your tweet, the site shows how many points you’ve earned for this week’s round of the competition. This means you’ll be able to easily check whether one of the celebs have followed you, without having to go to the Twitter website first.  

We kicked our tweets off with: “I have got this funny feeling that celebs are following me on Twitter #bbtouchawesomeness”. After this mildly humorous tweet failed to reap any follower fruits, we adopted a more direct approach with: “@Slikour would REALLY appreciate a follow. I can’t rap or sing, so my potential album sales won’t net me an Audi A1 :-). #bbtouchawesomeness”.

We played our final tweet hand with: “Would love a follow back from the gorgeous [yes we aren’t above shameless flattery] @Bonang_M, getting me 100 points closer to an Audi A1 in the process :-) #bbtouchawesomeness”. Alas, we still only have three points in the bag, meaning none of the four celebs have followed us, yet. Have you had any better luck with this challenge? Let us know in the comments section below.   

About the BlackBerry Touch Awesomeness competition

BlackBerry’s browser-based Touch Awesomeness competition has entrants completing ten tasks of “Awesomeness” on a weekly basis, giving them a chance to net one of ten all-touch BlackBerry Curve 9380 smartphones. One of these sleek new offerings will be up for grabs each and every week.

Besides the chance to net an amazing new BlackBerry Curve smartphone, entrants will also earn a set amount of points for completing each week’s task. The person with the most points at the end of the ten weeks, will be able to drive off into the sunset in a new Audi A1 1.4 TFSI. Visit to enter.



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