By Andrew Gould 2 September 2008


The Canon EOS 1000D is the ­latest release from Canon in the ­burgeoning world of the ­reasonably priced SLR ­camera market. The 1000D has many names overseas ­including the “Rebel Kiss F” in Japan. 

Canon’s 1000D seems to be a stop-gap in the SLR market as competitors have brought out cheaper SLR cameras.

Overall it is a great ­camera. Picture quality is ­really good, even in low light. It has got an ISO range from 100 – 1600 (including AUTO) and it does ­really well in lower light (much better than some other brands), but this is the one thing that Canon does better than the rest. Their CMOS sensors are the best. Image Stabilisation is also the best in the market and it works a treat. 

 The 1000D’s autofocus system is not that good. We would ­recommend sticking to the center AF point, to focus and recompose, because the 7-point system is somewhat ­annoying. The 450D has a much better 9-point system, as has the 400D.

The 2.5" screen is great (same as 400D, although the 450D has a 3" screen). The main feature the 1000D has that the 400 doesn’t is ‘live view’, allowing you to shoot without having to look through the viewfinder, with the image appearing in real time on the LCD.

The 1000D is very light for an SLR, which makes it feel a bit flimsy. The weakest point of the 300D, 350D, 400D, 450D and 1000D is the 18-55 kit lens that you get in the box. Happily Canon have released a new 18-55 IS lens that is much better.

Our verdict: if you want a DSLR camera and you want it on the cheap go for another brand. But if you want a DSLR camera, with better image quality, go for this Canon.

Excellent picture quality, good image stabilization, live view.
Only 2,5" screen, 7-point AF system is somewhat annoying, lightness influences stability.

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