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With Canon the only company remaining that has a stake in high-end cameras, printers and printing paper, one can expect a certain amount of cross-pollination to take place. The Pro9500 Mark II high-end inkjet printer is a good case in point.

It's a beast

Just from looking at this bulky beast you know it means business. Weighing in at just under 15 kg and measuring 660 mm wide, this inkjet is not meant for the office. This bulky beast is rather best suited for the professional photography studio which needs to print proofs (it actually contains little slider wheels to help it move around easier).

Not exactly meant for general office duties, the Canon PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II is more suited for studios or serious enthusiasts. 
Go big or go home
The Mark II can print images as large as 330 x 483 mm (13” x 19”), while canvas printing is also supported. Underneath the hood you’ll find the 10-full colour pigment LUCIA Ink system. This includes 10 separate ink cartridges, such as gray, black and matte black, which helps not only with better monochrome printing, but also caters specifically to glossy or matte prints. With print droplets as fine as three picolitre (one pl is 10 ?¹² litres) our A3 prints looked simply superb. Colours were reproduced accurately, and prints on both glossy and matte paper were well saturated, while monochrome prints provided excellent detail.
Don’t expect too much on the speed front, since we clocked in the range of 9½ minutes for an A3 full page print. But although it might be slow, it was very quiet, barely noticeable as it chugged along.  
As it is meant for the professional, the Pro9500 Mark II does not come cheap – R8599, with cartridges retailing for R199. Call Canon SA for more info on 012-675-4900. 


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