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With Apple users having access to the quite awesome GarageBand, Magix’s Music Maker MX helps PC users create beats of their own.

The new version of Magix’s Music Maker MX has been released bringing with it the ability to create songs in a question of minutes. So how does it work? Available to you are a number of sounds and instruments from different genres of music, including amongst others Chillout, Electro Pop, Hip-Hop and Alternative Rock. These can be arranged in the arranger field, adding drums, bass, guitar, synths and vocals to eventually build a song.
Getting started is easy enough, but you’ll quickly tire of the limited amount of sounds available. Digging deeper reveals the ability to use synthesizers to create your own drum loops and ambient sounds, with a new Drum engine and Loop designer new to the series.
If there is one thing we learned from using Music Maker MX it is that life behind the ‘mixing desk’ gets a lot easier once you’ve invested the time into learning all the shortcuts and understanding how the different loop and sound synthesizers work. Having said that, no prior musical know-how is needed, apart from maybe an ear for what sounds hot or not.
The latest version makes it easier to spread your Grammy-winning prowess via the internet, since you can share your tunes via YouTube, Facebook or SoundCloud, or simply save it as an MP3 or burn to CD.
Magix’s Music Maker MX will set you back R900, with the Premium version retailing for R1 200. Visit for more info. 
This article first appeared in TechSmart 108, September 2012


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