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Docking stations are great for delivering a significant sound boost for your music players, whilst simultaneously charging your device. However, most docks support either Apple’s iOS running mobile devices or Android-powered smartphones and tablets.

Samsung’s DA-E750 Wireless Audio with Dock (WAD) does not limit users to either of these options, since it can be connected to the firm’s own Galaxy range via a microUSB connector (and other Android phones), as well as iOS-operating devices such as the iPad and iPhone 4S (review) via an iPod dock connector.

Whilst playing music off a docked smartphone or tablet, you're not limited to the WAD’s buttons to change the volume or skip a track, as Samsung has included the always handy remote.       

Unfortunately, the new iPhone 5, as well as the iPad mini and fourth generation iPad, will not work with this dock out of the box, since Cupertino’s latest devices employ its new smaller Lightning connector. This means that you will have to fork out R330 for a Lightning to 30-pin iPod dock connector, before you can use any of these devices with the DA-E750.  

This stylish docking system offers premium quality sound. 

Wireless connectivity options

If you don’t feel like shelling out cash for this connector, you can also get around the new dock issue via the DA-E750’s support for wireless audio file transfer. Music can be sent via Wi-Fi to the WAD by way of AllShare for Galaxy devices, or by turning to Airplay functionality for Apple’s portable devices.

Additionally, Bluetooth A2DP can be utilised for all other Bluetooth-enabled music players or phones. Pairing your mobile device or bluetooth-featuring notebook is effortless as you merely have to turn Bluetooth on, search for the WAD and select it from the list of available devices to start streaming your tracks or movie soundrack right to the docking system.

Once connected, music can be streamed to the system over a comfortable distance of around 10 m. The inclusion of a USB port further allows users to play MP3, WMA and WAV audio files directly from a flash drive but unfortunately not from your portable hard-drive.

The WAD delivers its sound bang via a 2.1-channel speaker that incorporates a 100 watt subwoofer, providing you with audio quality that remains clear, while also delivering an impressive amount of bass which hip hop and house fans are sure to appreciate.

Samsung's WAD also features Vacuum Tube Amp technology that the Korean firm asserts will boost the music listening experience through the combination of the digital amplifier’s sharp clarity and the rich sound performance made possible via vacuum tubes.

At the maximum volume levels the WAD DA-E750 managed to retain its phenomenal sound quality, whereas competing premium docking stations, even Beat by Dr Dre's Beatbox portable, exhibited signs of distortion whilst playing bass-heavy tracks at full blast.  

The DA-E750 delivers a myriad of connectivity options, most notibly an iPod dock and microUSB connector at the back.

To the point

Samsung’s DA-E750 provides an impressive sound bang for an equally sizable price tag, considering that the DA-E750 system goes for a RRP of R7 000.

For that you do get an elegant, high gloss wood finish, a myriad of connectivity options, top class sound oomph, a useful remote, and still the only dual docking system that caters to both Android and iOS devices. 

Above your price range? Have a look at the Samsung DA-E570 wireless system, also offering dual docks, great sound and a range of connectivity options, retailing in the range of R2 500. 


Multiplicity of connectivity options available.
First dual docking station to support both iOS and Android devices.
Great sound quality and volume.
USB port included.
Remote control provided.


Supports Apple’s outgoing dock connector.
Not the cheapest docking station money can buy.


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