By Andrew Gould 13 June 2008


When we heard that director Steven Spielberg was collaborating with Electronic Arts on a new game, we assumed it would be much like Munich or Jaws or Saving Private Ryan, but it isn’t, not at all.

Boom Blox is a puzzle-type game that has the premise of a movie directed by a ten year old. You are one of a host of farmyard animals that has to destroy towers of blocks with baseballs, bowling balls or bombs.

Character development is barely there, unlike in Schindler ’s List (a brilliant movie about a Nazi who makes a list). In fact there is no character development at all, but we don ’t care. No one cares whether the shark from Jaws was traumatised as a child, they only care that it eats people. This is why Boom Blox is a great game .There are hundreds of puzzles to complete, all of which are interesting, very well designed and are very often humorous.

The game is seriously addictive and can become fiercely competitive in 2-player mode (as we found out).

Multiplayer modes including co-op and competitive play are good fun with hundreds of puzzles.
The game gets a little repetitive.

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