By Mike Joubert 22 September 2009


So you filled up that 250 GB portable hard disk you bought last year quite easily, didn’t you? The problem is that these days, if you know the right people, digital content - specifically movies and series - is readily available. So if you want to start archiving all your media it’s time to bring out the big guns of storage. Iomega’s 1 terabyte (TB) Prestige desktop hard drive should do the trick, with enough space to hold 1500 hours of video at 11MB/min DVD-MPEG2 (720x480).

This smart looking device, with its brushed metal aluminium chassis, won’t look out of place in even the fanciest of offices or living rooms either. Its size and the fact that it needs an external power source leave it deskbound however, so you probably won’t be carrying it around with you. Iomega didn’t include any back-up software on the device, but rather offers the option to download EMC Retrospect HD off the net.

The Iomega 1 TB Prestige Desktop Hard Drive carries a three year guarantee if you register it, which makes coughing up the cash for it a bit easier.

Available for R1,577 from

Good looks and a lot of space for now anyways.
Deskbound due to size and the need for an external power supply.

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