By Tom Manners 29 June 2010


Evetech is well known for delivering cost effective yet impressive desktops to local gamers. It seems however that the company has outdone itself this time with its most recent overclocked i3 rig.

The Evetech i3 system includes a number of impressive features which users would be hard pressed to source and build on their own steam, making this rig an attractive option for any gamer who wants the luxury of an advanced, professionally built system without the inevitable hassles associated with building it.


On the processing side this system features an Intel Core i3 530 CPU which has been overclocked from a static 2.9 GHz to an impressive 4.08 GHz. Despite the hefty increase the system ran smoothly throughout our tests and maintained a consistent temperature of between 14 – 35 degrees celsius.


The system is built upon MSI’s P55 GD64 motherboard, which should provide for most of the needs of the average gamer. It features a USB 2.0 support, firewire, HDMI, SATA and S/PDIF integration with full 5.1 audio. In addition it also incorporates two PCI Express x16 slots and memory support for up to 16 GB at 2133 MHz.

Given its P55 status, which is required for compatibility with Intel’s Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 range, and its impressive memory module options and port options, the MSI GD64 provides a solid platform for any avid PC fan. Despite this, its lack of USB 3.0 support reduces the rig’s overall appeal with regard to future proofing.


Evetech’s i3 rig is also kitted out with a Thermalright Venemous X CPU cooler, a G.Skill Jaws Gaming Series DDR3 4 GB RAM module which has a frequency rating of 1333 MHz. In addition, the 650 W Cooler Master GX power supply should allow the user to upgrade the system with additional components in the future without much hassle.


What is most impressive about this system perhaps is the leviathan which presides over its graphics. Evetech chose to include Nvidia’s GTX 480 GPU with Inno 3D. This allows gamers access to DirectX 11 support as well as stereoscopic 3D playability with Nvidia’s growing catalogue of compatible titles.

In terms of specifications the GTX 480 features a graphics clock of 700 MHz, 1536 MB of GDDR5 RAM, a maximum digital resolution of 2560 x 1600 and a texture fill rate of 42 billion per second.

In short, this is one of the best GPUs currently available on the market and compliments this system perfectly.


The i3 system is polished off by a stylish Cooler Master USP 100 gaming case in black which features a top I/O panel with two USB 2.0 ports and HD audio support.


During testing the Evetech i3 rig ran smoothly and without incedent. Although it is primarily focused towards the gaming market it would function well for any user who requires an affordable high end machine.

Heaven Benchmark 2.0

FPS: 60.9

Score: 1535

Minumum FPS: 36.2

Maximum FPS: 149.2

Performance Test 7.0

Score: 1592.7


Open GL 42.24 FPS

CPU 3.34 pts


In conclusion, this is certainly one of Evetech’s best offerings at present. Its impressive CPU and GPU solution, complimented by solid memory and motherboard choices make it a good choice for any serious gamer who does not have the time to build a system themselves.

What is even more impressive is the price, at R12 999 including VAT this rig is almost impossible to beat.

For more info visit this link

Inclusion of the GTX 480 is a strong point.
No USB 3.0

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