By Hanleigh Daniels 15 July 2010


If you are in the market for a student or entry-level PC or you’re just on the look out for a better looking housing for your computer, then you may want to consider Premiumsun’s Face Case. 
Changeable covers
This PC tower delivers users a reprieve from the boring standard issue white and black PC tower boxes, with its colourfully designed and customisable front cover, hence its Face Case name. The front cover of the tower contains a cool looking eclipse cardboard sheet that is protected by a clear Perspex cover. You can also buy a set of three covers for R15 or if you want something more unique you can design your own cover and print it out to the specific dimensions. 
The Premiumsun Face Case PC tower is compact, measuring 180 X 405 x 435 mm and light, weighing in at 3.6 kg. It sports three 5.25" bays, 1 visible 3.5" bay as well as four hidden ones, though since the stiffy drive is about as hip as MC hammer you probably aren’t going to need them. It doesn’t come with a power supply, but sports two USB ports at the front of the case as well as front Audio (3.5 mm) ports for a MIC and earphones.
Cooling options are well catered for as the case boasts space for a nicely sized (12 cm) fan with a mesh cover with space for another 8 cm side fan (optional) as well as 8 cm rear fan (optional).
Final thoughts
This isn’t really a gamer’s PC case since its compact dimensions will make it hard to fit the nearly 38 cm ATI Radeon HD 5970 monster in there, and as the power supply must be mounted at the top of the case, changing components will not be a tidy affair with the cables hanging down. But students and regular PC users will find it suits most of their requirements.
You can get it for a recommended retail price of R258 from Timeline Computer on 011-791-2468.
Cool front cover, interchangeable covers, light and its affordable.
Top mounted PSU and compact size means top-of-the-range GPUs probably wont fit in it.

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