By Andrew Gould 1 October 2008


The good people at AirLive are making the lives of gamers the world over just that tiny bit easier by helping to connect their Nintendo Wiis to the Internet. The EtherWe is a very clever and cost-effective way of ­connecting your Wii to the Internet that requires no technical wireless setup.

To connect your Wii to the Internet you would ordinarily need a wireless router and set up a connection for your Wii so that it can access the Net.

But with the EtherWe you simply plug the USB side of the EtherWe into the USB port of your Wii console and then connect an Ethernet cable from the EtherWe to your PC and Bob’s your uncle.

What makes the EtherWe especially attractive, apart from the price, is the fact that it is entirely plug ‘n play, meaning there is zero setup required; you simply connect it up and connect to the Internet. Its RRP is R249 (incl VAT). Contact Nology on 012-657-1317 for more info.

It negates the need for a wireless router to connect your Wii to the internet.
It needs to plug directly into your PC.

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