By Thomas McKinnon 29 October 2008


The BiPAC 2072 is a very clever little device indeed. It is an Ethernet Bridge which allows you to extend your home LAN through your existing power lines.

Basically you can use the 2072 to bridge Ethernet devices such as routers, set-top boxes, PCs, etc. which allows users to share network access through power lines. The beauty of the device rests in how simple it is to set up. You literally plug the BiPAC 2072 into a power ­outlet and press the “Sync” ­button to install the bridge ­utility and hocus-pocus you have a network. 

The addition of an AC Pass Through is ­extremely thoughtful as well. It provides users with an ­additional power extension in which you can plug other ­devices seeing as power ­outlets are always in demand. So considerate is the 2072, in fact, that it has a power ­saving function which sends the device into sleep mode should no Ethernet ­connection be detected – ­apparently saving up to 60% on power consumption. The device will also ensure that your data transmissions are uninterrupted through “noise-immune data transmission” – basically the tumble dryer being switched on won’t cause latency

R999 (incl VAT) each from Matrix Warehouse on 011-869-2614.

An additional AC pass through is very handy and the setup is simple.
Syncing isn???t perfect- it takes a few attempts and you will need as many bridges as devices you want to connect.

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