By Thomas McKinnon 2 September 2009


The Edimax 802.11b/g 3G Broadband Router and Print Server offers a trifecta of benefits. It can be used as a conventional DSL wired or wireless router, it can be used to share a 3G connection and/or used as a print server. [Note the device is only a router: there is no telephone line port so you still need a DSL modem].

We found the setup process straight forward and further management of the device an easy affair. Its EZView interface allows you to manage its settings locally or remotely.

Perhaps its most interesting application is its use as a 3G router. By connecting a 3G modem via USB you are able to share the connection via a network. This makes it incredibly handy to cart about with you at trade shows or other locations where a number of colleagues need to connect in a make-shift manner.

In terms of office use it is also possible to configure automatic fail-over on the device whereby a 3G connection can be used to back-up a DSL connection or vice versa should either go down. The router also lets network users share a printer by connecting a printer via USB.

Its versatility and build quality make it a commendable device. Get it from Miro for R523 excl. VAT. on 086 123 6476.

Share a 3G connection, automatic fail-over, printer service functionality.
Pricey if you???re not going to use its full functionality.

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