By Mike Joubert 3 April 2014


For many photographers, having both a notebook and a camera present is of primary importance. Case Logic solves the travelling hassles usually associated with this.

From the get go, we can point out that the Case Logic SLR Camera/Laptop backpack is not going to satisfy the needs of pro photographers that would like to carry a lot of gear around - it’s simply too small. But then again, not all photographers are pro. In our case, the backpack’s size counted in its favour. It is not cumbersome, it fits nicely in the hand luggage compartment, while still retaining space for enough gear. So how much is enough you might ask?

Enough space for most requirements.

Enough is enough

The camera compartment provides removable shelves and flexible walls attached via Velcro to customise it according to your needs. We can easily see two DSLR bodies with lenses attached plus two more lenses fit in there, depending of course on zoom size. Case Logic includes what it calls a DSLR Suspension System – basically a little hammock through which you put your lens with camera attached. It works well and provides quicker access to your camera, with a little manoeuvring required to get it out (depending on the size of your camera). The company also points out that this system provides impact protection. We were a little bit concerned about the thin padding provided directly above this at the top of the bag, but the flap that covers the majority of the front of the bag is nicely padded. 

The compartments are deep enough to provide room between lenses and the exterior of the bag. On the inside of the flap there are also two zipped pockets for memory cards and the like, while an extra compartment on the outside of the flap allows for things such as chargers and pens. You’ll also find another compartment on the side, which we used for storing the notebook’s power cable (it was a tight fit), while two strong Velcro flaps on the side provides for the ever handy tripod or monopod.

Case Logic's interesting hammock suspension system adds protection.

At the back there's the notebook compartment. It does the job but it’s not as high-end as for example Everki’s Atlas notebook bag (review) with a special customisable protection system to keep your notebook from moving around. The bag can take notebooks up to 16” in size (or a 17” Macbook Pro), and our Lenovo Yoga fitted nicely. Just don’t expect to slip anything else in there, there’s very little extra space.

One thing that few other bags have and that we found extremely useful, is the water resistant EVA bottom. While regular material can get dinghy after a while and soaks up any liquid that is on the ground, the EVA plastic protects the bag while at the same time allows it to stand upright. There is a strip at the bottom of the bag where the material comes very close to the ground though, and it would have been better if the EVA extended upwards to this area too.

Strapping lad

The straps on the Case Logic bag is quite thin, but we never felt that it did not provide enough comfort. All loose strap material can be neatly tied up via Velcro. If there is something to criticise it is the hand carry strap- it could have offered a lot more padding that it currently does. There is also no waist strap, which combined with the bag’s relatively diminutive size, makes it difficult to recommend for pros or serious outdoor photographers that need a bag that can carry the weight and offers extra support.

Extra space for bits and bobs.

Good every day

After almost two months of use, the SLR Camera/Laptop Backpack still looks great, while no faults where picked up on the zips or the stitching. For the amateur or prosumer photographer that would simply like a compact bag that can fit both your DSLR and a notebook (or tablet), the Case Logic makes for the perfect addition.

RRP: $120, visit for more info.

*Bag was received as a seeding unit.

Compact size, EVA bottom, Good Padding, Can carry both notebook and DSLR
Compact size too small for some, Hand carry strap could have been better, No waist strap

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