By Hanleigh Daniels 2 February 2011


Wireless keyboards have rid us of a dependence on annoying keyboard cords, but carry a mild irritation themselves, that being having to purchase- or recharge batteries. TechSmart got the chance to run our fingers across Logitech’s Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 with which the Swiss company aims to address this issue. 
Solar powered
Instead of the normal two AA-batteries, this keyboard powers itself via light. To be more specific, it utilises two integrated solar panels, enabling it to be charged even under ambient office lighting. Logitech claims that it will stay charged for at least three months in total darkness. While our tests were to short to check that statement, we never had any power (or lack thereoff) issues with the K750.
You also do not have to wonder about whether there is adequate light to power the device, as there is a button to indicate this to you. This is as handy as the on/off switch for conserving power when the keyboard is not being used.   
Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750
Apart from the fact that its light powered, another striking feature of this keyboard is its very attractive design and modern styling. It integrates iPhone-esque, glossy black panelling at the front and this see of black is surrounded by a white edge (of the ivory back cover) which makes for an really eye-catching contrast. 
The K750 incorporates chiclet-style keys on its impressive anorexic (7.5 mm) frame. Typing on the device takes a bit of getting used to given the separated design of the keys, but once you do, you’ll be up to your normal speeds in no time. Overall, the build quality feels really good, except for the two flimsy plastic support stands underneath the keyboard, which seem like they could very easily snap off. 
No wired worries
Just like Logitech’s other wireless devices, such as the Wireless Desktop MK710 combo, the KL750 uses the company’s Unifying receiver. This tiny receiver plugs into your USB port and immediately recognises your keyboard when it is switched on. It also sports an impressive operating range, and will incorporate other Unifying devices on the same receiver. 
Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750
Final Word
Logitech’s Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 delivers on its promise to relieve users of their battery dependence. Add to this good looks, a nice layout and no more frantic searches for a replacement battery, and you have yourself a very useful keyboard. You can pick one up for a recommended retail price of R988, making it definitely not the cheapest keyboard out there. 
Light powered, really thin, good looking design, wireless.
Chiclet keys take some getting used to, price tag not far off that of a wireless keyboard and mouse combo.
Light powered, really thin, stunning good looks, wireless, useful function keys.
Chiclet keys take some getting used to, price-tag not far off that of a wireless keyboard and mouse combo.

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