By Thomas McKinnon 6 August 2008


Nothing depicts the hardcore world of cut and thrust business negotiations better than telephonic ­conferencing.

Polycom’s SoundSation 2W signals a giant leap forward in ­wireless conferencing ­technology. It’s quite simply a brilliant product. You can now conference call in rooms without phone lines.            

The unit has a neat but funky triangular design and is light weight at 800g. The 2W is leaps ahead of the pack with high quality audio from its ‘Acoustic Clarity full ­duplex’ and has superb ­‘microphone sensitivity ­pick-up’ of up to 10ft. Its defining feature is that parties on both ends of the line can speak ­simultaneously – so no more frustrating GI Joe style walkie-talkie nonsense. With the added security of voice encryption, up to 24 hours of talk time, and the ability to dial through cell phones, the SoundStation2W is well equipped. A word of warning though, the phone only ­supports analog lines. No ­digital, sorry.

The RRP is R15 747. Contact Kathea ­Communications on 011-844-9900 for more info.

Wireless conferencing offers real flexibility.
It lacks a video conferencing feature.

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